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Students Present Water Conservation to the Community

My definition of sustainability includes nature, economy, society and wellness. Projects that I have sponsored include:

Equestrian Club

Paleontology Camp

and Beach Clean Up

Click on the projects above for info

The photo below shows our student trainers helping our staff understand the Compass model for sustainability.  Our student were trained so that they could help our community think about sustainability in a systematic way. Clicking on the photo will take you to the Compass website.

Over the past five years, students in my Applied Environmental Studies Class have developed several sustainability projects in our community.  We have tried very hard to document our efforts and to publish our efforts in the form of manuals that other schools can use. These manuals include:


Recycling Bottles and Cans


Paper Recycling


Beach Clean Up


Earth Day


Energy Conservation Project


Lunch Committee (Food Recycling)


These manuals are available in both English and Mandarin. If you are interested in starting your own project, click on the link below.

Students in AP Chemistry start their photospectoscopy and measurement unit by analyzing the human impact of dissolved chemicals in our water using the Compass tool.  Students are asked to contemplate how scientists measure, record and communicate the data they collect in this introductory unit.

Students are asked to consider three aspects of our schoolwide learning goals (honor, respect and responsibility) and then add other descriptors of student and community leadership.

Students in Environmental Applied Studies research sustainability in our community and then choose a project that will help make us a more sustainable community. They write their idea on a leaf and post it on the sustainability tree.

Students analyzed a report on the chemical aspects of the water crisis in Africa and then applied this information to the water issues facing China. They used the Compass model to investigate the impact of the issue on natural resources, the economy, society, and personal well-being. From this information they prepared a poster to communicate their analysis. Middle school students evaluated the poster for clarity of communication.

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