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What I Know About Teaching


As an educator, I realize it is not so much what I do, but how the people I work with are changed through my actions. So much of what I do as an educator is to create situations where students are challenged to examine what they know so that they can make these experiences part of who they are. This role of teacher carries a huge responsibility to make sure every experience moves my students in a positive and constructive direction.

Visit the specific course pages in the main menu above.  The Models and Strategies tab has an outline of the tools I use in planning units.  I encourage anyone who is interested in differentiation and English as an Aditional Language (EAL) to investigate the VESTED Approach to instruction.

A huge part of learning is making sure that the students are receptive to instruction. They don't have to like you, but it helps if they love the course!

Believe it or not, sometimes hands-on instruction is not the best way to prepare them for the SAT. Unfortunately, the SAT is not always the best way to measure what they know!

The students usually learn more when I am the one looking over their shoulder rather than the other way around!

When doing scientific inquiry, the careful observations, the precise and accurate recording of data, and the communiction are just as important as the hands-on.

I get my best ideas when things are really bugging me!

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